I am back from Japan Trip #3

…without having finished updating for trips 1 and 2. The first trip was a magical time that I kind of almost want to keep to myself, but…damn, yo. I should at least cover what I saw in january. 😦

I’m soooooo sorry. I’m going to cover this third trip as promised, but I’ll use the 2nd trip to make Japan-centric general posts from time to time, okay? Okay.

This trip was by far the worst, and of course I hate saying this because I am so, so lucky to have been able to go in the first place (I will blog about how I could afford this trip and the other two in another entry—suffice to say, I’m not poor but not rich either, just a receptionist making more than I should but not nearly enough to go halfway around the world three times in a year). I went from september 18th-29th, and the weather went BONKERS that week, going from sweltering hot (hotter than in august, it seems) to an all day downpour to freezing to beautiful to finally settle into damp and dreary. Insane. I didn’t pack well and found it incredibly painful to do my normal walking for 10 hours in heels, and the exchange rate for my dollar was…holy shit. Why didn’t anyone tell me things had gotten so bad?

It was an important trip for me to take, though, because it was one small step in dismantling Tokyo as a fantasyland where nothing bad could happen, no one could possibly be mean to be, and I’d always be spectacularly entertained with suitably fantastic clothes to match. I got a taste of the lonely side of the city this time around, and I also saw what it would be like without money to spend and no real plans with people. The rain and/or cold changed a lot of my itinerary around, so I was actually bored (gasp!) at times trying to kill days in Shibuya. ひとりぼっち, as it were.:(

I did see the greasers at Harajuku, though, and I got hit on by a host for the first time. That alone makes this trip 1600 dollars well spent!


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