My weekend has been officially salvaged

I went with my good friend Rinako to see the New york production of Freddie the Leaf today. 

It was fantastic! It’s a show for children, and based on a kid’s story (by Leo Buscaglia, of all people, who I remember as one of my mom’s fave self help gurus when I was little), so it’s not Sondheim or anything, but the music was spirited and cheerful, and the cast of mostly children was truly exceptional. I thought I was a total loser for filling up and crying several times during the show, until I heard a familiar sniffle and saw that Rinako was crying, too. It’s that kind of show–very heartwarming and simple. If you get a chance to see a production, please do. It’s worth it.

Courtesy can just tell that it's adorable, can't you?

We came out of the show at John Jay College, and I realized that, despite it being my very favorite neighborhood in New York, I haven’t been to the Upper West Side regularly in over ten years. I had no idea where to go, where to eat, or how to fill up the day. It’s such a shame, because the area from 59th street to 90th street, Broadway to Riverside, is an amazing, magical place, and the backdrop for the happiest days of my life I miss the old neighborhood, and I definitely want to go visit more often.

Because neither of us knew where to go, we walked into the Columbus Circle mall at the Time Warner Center, and settled on Bouchon because we wanted a glass of wine and some sandwiches. I had to break my vegan goal and order something with cheese, but I’m sure some planning ahead and some cojones could have gotten me a vegan modification. I had the special—squash, fuji apples, brie, and arugula, with pear marmalade-and a class of pinot noir. It was a bit on the pricey side, of course, but the portions were pretty generous, and I didn’t feel like we were primarily paying for the space. The money went into the food, and that’s always a treat, especially for vegetarians, who often end up paying quite a bit more for vegetables when they go out. In fact, I never understood why chefs (okay, Anthony Bourdain) make such a point of alienating and making fun of veg heads. You seriously have a problem with selling me a 22 dollar vegetable entree that probably cost about 4 bucks at the farmer’s market? 

In any case, a fantastic time was had, and I was really grateful to go


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