Charlie is what I think of when I think of the typical pitbull---full of love, a little bit clumsy, and funny as hell.

I hate making posts like this, because a blog is supposed to be fun, but…there’s something you should know about your narcissistic narrator before you read further: I volunteer at a city animal shelter, and I’ve walked over 1000 pitbulls and pitbull mixes in 3 years. I have loved 99% of them, have never been bitten by one, or even close. In fact, I get nothing but gratitude and love every time I visit.  These dogs are my family.

This "vicious pitbull" lived in a home for ten years but is now one of nearly 100 who won't live this week because of ignorance. RIP, Daniel.

When I am bitten (because no one who works with animals escapes) by a pit or otherwise, I’ll recognize it as an isolated incident that was likely my fault, instead of proof that all the tinfoil hat morons out there had a point all along. Contrary to what you may have been told, pitbulls do not have “locking jaws”, they were not bred to kill, and though I have no doubt that all of the dog bite cases you’ve seen are real and tragic, the news reports cases involving pitbulls much the same way they report crime involving people of color—with disparaging meta language, a complete lack of context, and a frequency that suggests an epidemic when there isn’t one. If you think these dogs are killing machines who pose a threat to humanity, get off my blog and check yourself, because your fear is more than likely rooted in some other prejudice you’re just too shallow and cowardly to admit right now. Then, take the identifying pitbulls test and read the accompanying material on Bad Rap’s excellent website to get your head straight. You’ll be doing to world a great service, because we need more people who learn to question the hateful hegemonic bullshit.

So, there is no “attack pitbull” epidemic in America, but there is a pet overpopulation epidemic. Make no mistake. I have to look at 15-35 dogs and 25-25 cats NYC euthanizes every day because people are irresponsible and do not spay/neuter their pets. Multiply that by the ones being put down in municipal shelters across Long Island, and New Jersey, and Virginia, and Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and…you get the point. I know there are lots of people who think it’s “kawaii” to buy some tiny little designer puppy so they can tote it around like a prop, but let me tell you here and now: there’s no breed of dog you can think of that isn’t dying for a home in a rescue facility or city shelter. You just have to do the legwork and find them.  It may take a while, but it’s worth it. There is *no* excuse to buy an animal in America today, and anyone who does is a lazy, selfish ass who wanted immediate gratification and couldn’t be bothered to do a little hunting in order to save a life.

I have no time for such people, and I have no room to debate this, so please—if buying animals is your thing (and if you already have but now know better, that’s fine), may karma bite you in the ass and give you the miserable life you truly deserve.

I don’t need to tell you guys what I think of fur, do I? Good.

Be nice to animals. It’s the right thing to do!

For more information, please go to The No-Kill Advocacy Center to learn how activists can stop the killing.

For more about NYC’s animal shelter in particular, go to the shelter’s home page or read the archives at shelter reform action committee.


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