KARIYA— awesome street performance in Shinjuku


By now, everyone knows that Yoyogi Park in Harajuku (or is it technically in Shibuya? I think of it as Shibuya) hosts an amazing amount of street performers and dance troupes on the weekend. When I was there in August of 2009, I went to Yoyogi Park to read during the week, and I liked it so much (and had such memories, because I met an awesome person there) that I went back again the day before I left .

 I did not see any street performers, because I walked smack into the Super Yokasoi Festival****(WITHOUT MY CAMERA).  But I did see quite a few

on the streets in general, and more during the relatively freezing month of January.

One of the best of the bunch, aside from this amazing and very young sax player, was a band called KARIYA. They are two guys, late tweens/early twenties, who play acoustic pop/folk. Acoustic guitar sounds coming from anyone other than Joni Mitchell is not really my thing, so there was a slight gap in enjoyment due to style. But make no mistake: these kids can play, and they can certainly sing, and they did, happily, for a full set, in the middle on January.  They received no tips or money that I could see. 

 I love to see a band who just wants to be heard–who just wants to play and somehow be able to feed themselves. These guys seemed like they had that spirit. Please check them out on my crappy FlipVideo—and accept my apologies for only being able to get one of them!

Hear more HERE on their myspace page!!

****NOTE: More on that phenomenal, so-good-it-made-me-cry parade another time, but please check this person’s Amazing Flickr collection to get some idea . It’s on the last weekend of august if anyone can go! You will not regret it!


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