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Animal Hero: Linda B. Rosenthal

One of the things I have realized as a budding activist is the need for mentors and heroes within the movement. I know, I know…everything we need to become successful is within us, and heroes are dangerous. Stamp it on another T-shirt and sell it if you can, but i am not buying it. Being … Continue reading

Get ready for Imbolc!

(photo from Floral Designers Samhain may get all the press, and Beltane may be infamous, but for most pagans who live attuned to the wheel of the year, Imbolc has always been one of the most anticipated days.  Maybe  we are simply holiday starved after a dreary January, staring down an even drearier March, and … Continue reading

Traveling Light, and Don Quixote is NOT overrated!

When went to Tokyo last January, I  was heartbroken to discover that I couldn’t buy souvenirs or magazines or even snacks for the plane due to having *zero* room left in my bags. It doesn’t help that one of my main pieces of luggage is actually a Matt and Nat bag that was advertised as a … Continue reading

Creepy Video from Tokyo

Outside of Shinjuku station, watching a gigantic balloon likeness of Haruka Ayasa be dismantled. Good riddance, I say. She’s such a pretty girl, but this thing was just creepy.

Koenji’s vintage stores are kinda junky.

For my most recent trip to Tokyo, I decided to go to a few new places I hadn’t visited before. I went armed with a guide from the lovely Hello Sandwich and decided I’d visit Shimokitazawa, Daikanyama, Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro, and Koenji, largely on the strength of her charming coverage. Plus, you know…vintage stores, little cafes, … Continue reading

I am back from Japan Trip #3

…without having finished updating for trips 1 and 2. The first trip was a magical time that I kind of almost want to keep to myself, but…damn, yo. I should at least cover what I saw in january. 😦 I’m soooooo sorry. I’m going to cover this third trip as promised, but I’ll use the … Continue reading

My weekend has been officially salvaged

I went with my good friend Rinako to see the New york production of Freddie the Leaf today.  It was fantastic! It’s a show for children, and based on a kid’s story (by Leo Buscaglia, of all people, who I remember as one of my mom’s fave self help gurus when I was little), so it’s … Continue reading

Cafe MIYAMA feels like home to me.

I’m sure I’m going to get a few eye rolls from people who know the city well, because this tiny little coffee/sandwich shop–part of a chain on at least 5 or 6 that I know of—is not exactly “hidden” in Tokyo and doesn’t really count as a “tip”. It is, in fact, almost directly across the … Continue reading

Asakusa is the most fun you can have in an afternoon…

When I went to Japan the first time in August, I very stupidly put visiting Asakusa prefecture off until the Saturday before I left- and lo and behold, that was also the day of the Carnival, a truly MASSIVE parade and celebration that was probably insanely fun for the people lucky enough to be in the … Continue reading


I hate making posts like this, because a blog is supposed to be fun, but…there’s something you should know about your narcissistic narrator before you read further: I volunteer at a city animal shelter, and I’ve walked over 1000 pitbulls and pitbull mixes in 3 years. I have loved 99% of them, have never been bitten by … Continue reading